DELTA-SLEEP-INDUCING PEPTIDE (DSIP) was founded in 1989 by Dieter Mauson + Siegmar Fricke. Until 1994 DSIP produced around 25 cassettes, published on various tape-labels all around the world and on the privately run DSIP-cassette-label. The music was recorded with electronic equipment on analogue tape-recorders and cassette-decks in their own homestudios in Hamburg, Mainz and Wilhelmshaven/Germany. DSIP exclusively concentrated on the realisation of experimental + subtle soundtracks which can be described as mind-cinema of the subconscious. The stages of sleep + phenomena of dreams have been musically explored in an idiosyncratic sound-approach. In 1993 DSIP contributed also to a vinyl-LP entitled "Abschied aus Berne" (including a track by Asmus Tietchens) with an extraordinairy soundscape of 10 minutes. Live-performances took place in Belgium and Germany (Herford, Bochum, Hamburg, Mainz). After the last tape PRE-NATAL in summer 1994, DSIP stopped and has subsequently become a legend within the electronic-scene worldwide. Now, 19 years later, the project has been reactivated with a new blogspot-website involving remastered tapes (digital downloads), video-material, photos and a non-chronological mixture of old and new material.

DSIP "Oscillopsia" | brandnew digipak-album released September 22 on PHARMAFABRIK RECORDINGS


Oscillopsia has been produced in the beginning of 2014 and can be characterized as the most complex elaboration by the duo so far. Entirely recorded and mastered on new equipment, Oscillopsia marks a new direction in DSIP's discography by integrating analogue modulations and transformed rhythmic constructions interacting within the cosmic radius of the stereo-panorama. An intense and well-structured sculpture of very psychoactive atmospheres full of internal tension, dynamics and dramaturgical perspectives.

DSIP "Narkoklang" | first complete album after 19 years for BATENIM-netlabel | April 2, 2013

first new DSIP-album since 1994 in preparation for BATENIM-netlabel | "Narkoklang" contains six sonic movements of very narcotic nature, arranged in complex stereoacoustic fields of floating ambient spheres, micro-organic particles and pulsating rhythm-oscillations. A highly meditative and intense work, exploring the effects of deep + subliminal sound-morphing during the aural process. 

FIRST NEW DSIP-TRACK AFTER 19 YEARS: "Slow wave sleep" [SWS] on NOSTRESS-compilation

Brandnew + exclusive track by DSIP for NOSTRESS-netcompilation (Palermo), electronically generated by Dieter Mauson
in Hamburg + Siegmar Fricke in Wilhelmshaven | February 2013


DSIP live in Herford 1992 performing the track "Auszeit" | equipment: Dieter Mauson: string-battery (self-construction), dictaphone, delay ; Siegmar Fricke: CASIO-Rapman, coffee-mill, microphone, walkman | originally recorded during the concert on DAT-tape; due to technical problems DSIP stopped the gig after 17 minutes (string-battery did not work)